Monday, June 28, 2010

Durga Puja in Singapore

Durga Puja in Singapore

Singapore is one such country where there is a large population of Indian and so the Indian festival in this country is seen in large number. From many years, Durga Puja in Singapore is being celebrated and has brought people together to enjoy every bit of this occasion.

In Singapore, there is a large population of Bengali community which has helped to attain its culture in this land too. To spread this culture there is a Bengali Association Singapore which works towards the awareness of the Bengali tradition. Durga Puja is also celebrated with great enthusiasm by the Bengali community along with some other Indian people there. They do not lack in their preparation as it is done in India.

They make themselves prepare to serve worshippers who visit the pandals to get the blessing. There is a huge parade of the worshippers to get the glimpse of the idol. Organizers of the Puja do make enough preparation to make people comfortable while enjoying the festival.

Bengali people who participate in this function prepare sweet and delicious Bengali sweets which are the finest of all other sweets. Dishes like, sandesh, boi and many more brings people to the pandals. The idol of Goddess Durga is carved so beautifully that one may be able to go away without having one glimpse of it.

The Singapore government also helps Indian Bengali communities to go on with Durga Puja smoothly and provide every help whether it is the permission for the venue for the Durga Puja.

As the population of the Indian Bengali is growing in Singapore, the celebration is also equally growing with some unique way of celebration and engaging people of Singapore to indulge in this festival.

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Moumita said...

Hi.. This is the 1st yr I am In Singapore. I am going to spend my 1st year DurgaPuja In Singapore.
Hope fully Khub Njoy korbo.
But Still Kolkata r Pujo to tanbei ......

Sougata Chandra said...

Hey ... eta amaro first yesr in singapore ... i hope darun ekta exp. hobe... ha , kolkata to tanbei nihsondsehe.. kintu eta ekta onno onubhutio bote ... sdee u guys sooon

BIDISHA said...

singapore e kota durga pujo hoi, keo janate parbe? r kothai kothai hoi?